Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally quilting again

Another long break...

Have not done much sewing since coming back, but the upcoming wedding of my dear friend's daughter (and the kids favourite babysitter) has sent me back to the cutting table and sewing machine! Oh, I missed it and have my sew-jo back, yay!

We are making her and her husband-to-be a wedding quilt. With this fabric: 

and this pattern: 

Thimble Blossoms "Wild Things" by the gorgeous Camille Roskelley who writes one of my favourite blogs: Simplify

Here it is after lots of cutting and pinning:

Lots of sewing and ironing:

To this:

First completed block! And then I realised I had cut in the wrong direction...

So, another layercake of fabric was ordered from the fatquartershop and the cutting started again, off to do some more sewing now.

Good thing to come out of this is lots of extra fabric for a quilt for me ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


Emma said...

Oooh, this is going to be lovely! And with all the pieces cut the wrong way you'll be able to make another quick quilt!

Amanda said...

Yeah Sibylle.

Welcome back :)

I'll be popping over to watch how you do some of this one. You're slowly convincing me it can't be too hard.