Friday, October 2, 2009

School Holiday Fun

Good morning :)

It's school holidays here at the moment and the weather has finally improved! (After we had the coldest day on record in 75 years on Tuesday with a maximum of 13 degrees (in late September...).
So yesterday was spent outside, on the trampoline, in the sandpit, at the park...more of the same planned for today. I love school holidays, no rushing around, just relaxing and hanging out.

I also hope to get some sewing done as well.
My passion is quilting (after I first touched a sewing machine about 2 1/2 years ago, I am now hooked. I refused to even go near one before that, go figure...) and I have a few projects I am working on atm. This one is for my mum for christmas (She was quite upset that my grandma got one last year and she did not)

I am loving stacked coin quilts, they are so easy but effective. The fabric I used is a silky batik, and looks just beautiful. After a lot of deliberation what to use for the backing I ordered some fabric from here. It arrived very quickly, and the exchange rate to the US dollar is great right now.

You can't really see the beautiful detail and colour in this picture, have a look here to see it properly :)

Another little project that I am working on is a playmat quilt for my friends baby.
Just a simple D9P that has been sandwiched and quilted, just need to add the binding and label.

Ok, better go and get us all out of the house and into the sunshine.

Thanks for dropping by :)

ETA: Can someone tell me how to adjust the time? This seems to be publishing on US time which makes even the date's Oct 2nd here already)


Little Munchkins said...

Gorgeous quilts! I really like the one for your mum.

To change the setting for date/time:
- Sign in to your blog
- At your blog's homepage, click on 'Customize' at the top right corner of the screen'
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sibylle said...

Thanks novy :)
The pics are not very good, taken in a rush this morning...
Time zone changed, Thanks!

AJ said...

Cute quilt! I love the effect of the D9P

Sonja♥ said...

I see "munki munki";)))